Dog Walking & Pet Care Services Oklahoma City


More than 60% of American households have some kind of pet. There are over ll0 million dogs and cats alone! Not to mention all the hamsters, birds, fish, and other pets. The American Humane Society has found that these pets are happiest when they are at home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, and smells.

Pop-In visits are the perfect way to add some TLC to your pet’s day. Plus, they are available until 10:30 pm, so you can rest assured that they’ll get the attention they need any time of day. Schedule a Pop In visit today and see how much your pet will love it!

No Cages. No Stress. No Place like Home.

Most of our dog parents prefer 2-3 visits a day: in the morning, midday & evening. Our cat parents typically request 1-2 visits a day, morning and/or evening.

Make an appointment
30 min visit

Pop Ins: $25

With our Pop In visits, we’ll drop in on your furry friend for a quick potty break or playtime session.

I can accommodate your needs (feeding, walking, house sitting, medication) during visits. I will go the extra mile to make you and your fur baby feel at ease when they are with me!


  • 30 Minutes
  • Love & Affection
  • Potty Break
  • Refresh Water


  • 60 Minutes: $42
  • Each Additional Pet: $5
  • Holidays +50%

I know how energetic some pets can be, and I’m all about game time! From fetch, to running around outside at the dog park, and just playing on the ground outside or inside, getting their energy out is my specialty! If there are interests other than playing, I’m always down for a good cuddle and giving the best tummy rubs and ear scratches.